#pimpmybio Pitchwars 2017 NEWSIE JANE, MG Entry

This is the post excerpt.

In the town of Sugar Maple, where everything is pretty sweet, Janey wants to be known for more than how she was abandoned as a Jane Doe baby in a Sugar Maple Reporter newspaper box.

Breaking News NJnewspaper boxSugar Maple ReporterMac NJ

Despite her abandonment (Dad hates when she calls it that) and despite her English teacher thinking Janey should be a newspaper reporter, because well, you know, Janey’s a lot like other eleven year old girls. Except there’s this one little thing–an obsession for watching Sugar Maple’s very own nationally syndicated Kangaroo Shopping Network (Sit on your couch, keep money in your pouch).

When Janey goes on an All-Access tour at KSN, she learns how the company is giving back to her community with a contest to expand viewership demographics. KSN wants local kids to audition to be the host of their own segment and Janey’s got the perfect idea.

But, can Janey drop her Newsie Jane start in life? Can she be who everyone wants her to be? And most of all, can Janey stick true to what’s most important even if it means losing the contest?

And yes, I actually went on QVC’s All-Access Tour for WRITING RESEARCH!                 Here’s a snippet of the actual conversation from the first five minutes of the tour:

TOUR GUIDE: So, Dana, are you an avid QVC watcher? *nods her head expectantly*

ME: *looks around at the faces of the avid QVC watchers on the tour, which is ALL of them* Wellllllllllllll, not really. 

TOUR GUIDE: *Confusion, puzzlement, surprise* Uh…

ME: *puts tour guide out of her misery* So, I’m a writer…

Which brings me to why I am entering #Pitchwars 2017. Well for one, I had an amazing experience as a #pitchwars 2016 mentee with my book HOLD ME UP. I seriously LOVED every minute. I had a most fabulous mentor in Mel Mercado and learned so much from her.

The #pitchwars community is amazing and I grew as much during the contest as I have grown since the agent round ended, from our group. PLUS, I’ve got this little book called NEWSIE JANE that I’ve been pouring my soul into and I know some awesome MG mentor can give me the push I need to make it the best it can be.

Some things about me…

I have three kiddos. Each of them inspires my writing, but having a middle grader in the house impacts my writing the most. She is my excuse for buying so many middle grade books to read because I know she’ll read them, I will, and her siblings will eventually, too!

My favorite middle grade reads in the last couple years include: Counting By 7s, Fish in a Tree, Breaking the Ice, Roller Girl, Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary, and Because of Mr. Terrupt, to name a few!

I was an elementary teacher for many years and now I am a K-5 Instructional Coach. I work with teachers that are interested in trying something new or growing their teaching practice. I spend a lot of time in classrooms and outside of them, too, leading professional learning experiences. I love speaking to kids and teachers about reading and writing.

I am a member of SCBWI (Eastern PA) and am lucky to live only a couple hours from Highlights Foundation! (I’ve been there twice!)

If I am not writing in Starbucks sucking down a Very Berry Hibiscus, you can find me in my writing office! I am an exceptionally hard worker and I am dedicated to revising/editing to whatever extent I need to, working way past kiddo bedtimes and before the sun rises. (Also, I am incredibly lucky to have the support of my wonderful hubby who tells me to go write when I need to write and one time agreed to me checking myself into a hotel to meet my Pitchwars deadline.)

Thank you for reading my bio!